Alan Hall


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Bryan Farrish

Alan Hall (artist)
Distant Murmur (album)

Alan Hall is one of those rare artists that can come along and blow all of your expectations out of the water. This 13-year old singer/songwriter is knowledgeable in singing, songwriting, and vocal ability far beyond his years. When listening to Distant Murmur, consider his age, then take a strong listen to this artist. He has all of the vocal range and musical talent of a mature and classically trained musician. His inspirations include blues, country, classical, and pop music, but his talent and abilities are limitless and cannot be placed into a specific genre. His soft, yet powerful vocals will leave you wanting more! If you enjoy music from artists like David Gray or Amos Lee, then you are sure to enjoy Alan Hall.

"Purple Ties"- Purple Ties is one of the great songs off the album. With Alan's angelic voice, this song truly showcases Alan's vocal range and strength as a talented singer. Although he is only 13, his vocal maturity and control show his discipline as a serious singer/songwriter.

"Loves White Star"- The dynamic guitar introduction to the song shows us that Alan is more than just a singer/songwriter, he is a very talented guitarist as well. The slow, steady flow of the guitar blends perfectly with Hall's soft vocals. A well-made, peaceful song for this album.

"My Friend"-
The song begins with a soft vocal arrangement, something that we commonly hear and expect from Hall. Again, we hear Hall's strong vocal ability. The gentle melody of the guitar adds to the beauty of Hall's lyrics, showcasing his talent as a songwriter. As we get further into the song, we see the true vocal talent of Alan Hall. This track, more than any other song on the album, truly showcases what Hall is capable of. It is a pleasant surprise, but not something entirely unexpected from a remarkable artist.

Review by Andrea Flores of Byran Farrish Radio Promotion
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